Alta Fortis Construction Corporation (AFCC) is entirely committed to providing, and continually improving services on construction and engineering solutions by offering a range of world class construction/Industrial products and excellent services that exceed the expectations of our Clients and suppliers.

Owing to the nature of our business, it is Company policy that our operations are conducted in order to satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements.

In line with this policy, we recognize that, in our type of business, a high level of investment and a high degree of reliance is placed upon the competence of our people and the integrity of our project management.

The importance of Client satisfaction, together with our policies, plans, quality objectives and performance, are communicated throughout the organization so that everyone is aware of their respective responsibilities and contribution to quality and Client care.

Objectives are established at all levels within the organization. It is AFCC policy to ensure that our performance is measured and analyzed to enable us to continually improve our products and services.

It is well recognized that none of this is possible without proper resources, excellent training and absolute commitment by all. Therefore our policy is to invest in proper equipment and in the development of our people.

To this end, we have Ongoing review & application on ” Quality Management System to ISO 9001: 2000” which is regularly reviewed for continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.