Alta Fortis Construction Corporation is an enterprise specializes in construction, from engineering design, projects management down to execution. Our organization was founded in 2017 to provide engineering services, solutions and materials supply as per projects requirements and specifications to our major clients.

Alta Fortis Construction Corporation is 100% owned by a Filipino partners and founded by Engr. Kayser B.Wenceslao, a dymanic and business minded professional, and He’s fellow business professional’s as business partners who have a vision for the betterment in the field of construction, and contributing for the development of human resource and the community itself to have a better way of life.

Alta Fortis Construction Corporation has evolved over and kept pace with technology to provide the necessary requirements of construction with an increasing range of products and services and support capabilities to offer total solutions and execution as a turn key projects.

Alta Fortis Construction Corporation has grown and proven professional staff that comes among premier engineering and contracting institution in different engineering company specializing in electro-mechanical works and industrial projects. It also caters architectural and civil engineering works.

The head office is located in Lot 28 Chuster H, Bagong Nayon 1, Cogeo, Antipolo City province of Rizal ‘close to customer’ wherein we can execute projects in all parts of region and the entire archipelago.

Management Principles

Encouragement to participate fully in the quest for continuous improvement in the field of construction

Clear communicated goals and performance

Fair recognition and rewards on good job

Training, information and level of authority needed to do best quality project management and site execution

Equality of opportunity base on merit

Encouragement to learn and progress

Respect dignity at all times

Open constructive relationship with managers and employees.

Our managing director Engr. Kayser B. Wenceslao has a vast and wide experience and expertise dealing in with quality management procedure.